Heck Yeah Jesus Saves

One thing I ask of the Lord:
and this is what I seek,
that I may dwell in the
house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
and to gaze upon
the beauty of the Lord and
to seek Him in His temple. Psalm 27:4

Dear brothers and sisters,
I pray that this blog can help bring you closer to God and help you to love Him more. Please know that I am growing with you as well. I love Jesus so much and together we are following Him. Please let me know if there is ever any questions that you have or prayer requests that you need praying for. I am always open to prayer requests, questions, comments, or just a conversation. God wants us to all grow together in Him. But ultimately, don’t look to Tumblr for the answers, look to the Bible, look to God. I love you and I'm praying for you.

I thank my God every time I remember you.
- Philippians 1:3
May all the glory go to God.

-your sister through Christ

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I love jesus so much but sometimes i feel like i am praying with no reply. it hurts to say this but i sometimes feel like i am praying for nothing. It is like no one is listening. i know that is not true but i just can't help the feeling. Also, i dont know how to tell if it is jesus answering. I dont know if that makes any sense. Some of the time I feel like I just want to believe that Jesus is talking to me but it is really just my mind making things up. Please give me some advice.
heckyeahjesussaves heckyeahjesussaves Said:

At one point or another, most Christians have felt this way. We are spiritually  full of joy and deeply passionate in pursuing God. But then something happens that makes us feel spiritually dry and in a desert alone. Sometimes nothing even happened and we begin to feel empty inside. Even when we do Godly things, like serving, going to church, praying, fellowship, etc.

I’ll confess too. I’ve felt this way numerous times. I’ve asked God through the passage, “Why?” “How come even though I’m being faithful, I feel so empty and unfulfilled within?”

There’s a lot of reasons why we go through dry seasons in our journey with Christ. Don’t think for one moment that Jesus has abandoned you, because He is by Your side right now. In my case, it was to learn patience and to grow. The times where I felt like God wasn’t listening, strengthened the weight of my faith in Christ. When I couldn’t hear God’s voice like I used to, it wasn’t because God was gone, but because of the volume adjustment in my life. Other times it was because God was speaking to me through the silence, but I had not realized it.

Unknowingly, I allowed the sounds of the world to speak over the voice of God. Jesus is not going to force us to love Him. He wants us to give it up by our freewill. Sometimes circumstance come that are allowed by God. He helps us through the situations. But maybe, sometimes, helping us is remaining in silence.

God knows our hearts very well. Even better than our family or best friend or ourselves! He knows what it takes for us to break or to be filled. He knows the degree that it requires for our hardened hearts to melt to the perfect temperature to enlighten us to live for His glory. He knows our ways and the way that it should be. He is good and He calls us to trust Him. It’s hard because the whole world tells us to do otherwise. It’s hard to surrender what we see and follow with our eyes closed. We’re all broken people and have been hurt in our life stories. We’re been lied to and mistreated. It makes trusting God tough. But it makes trusting God powerful and desirable and worth it.

Through our trust and our persistence, God is healing our broken pieces. God is more than a feeling and He is more than just a healer that fulfills our needs. He reigns because He deserves to be praised and to be worshiped. And we are called to worship Him. Because we are creation, we have that lingering desire to go after Him even when it seems strange to worldly standards. 

Don’t give up just because God doesn’t seem to be near. He hears each prayer and He is working all things for His good and those who love Him. It’s scary to not have an assurance or the comfort of knowing that someone is by our side, willing to listen to our thoughts and troubles and other words. But because the risk is high, God can use it to magnify His greatness. a breakthrough can come right now or many years from now. God loves you and adores the dedication that you put in to bring Him glory. He will reward you one day. That one day isn’t as far away as we think. It might be cold right now and really blurry, but it won’t be confusing forever. Keep pursuing God and running to Him because He listens intently. The light is going to breakthrough because God always wins.

Love, yijia