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One thing I ask of the Lord:
and this is what I seek,
that I may dwell in the
house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
and to gaze upon
the beauty of the Lord and
to seek Him in His temple. Psalm 27:4

Dear brothers and sisters,
I pray that this blog can help bring you closer to God and help you to love Him more. Please know that I am growing with you as well. I love Jesus so much and together we are following Him. Please let me know if there is ever any questions that you have or prayer requests that you need praying for. I am always open to prayer requests, questions, comments, or just a conversation. God wants us to all grow together in Him. But ultimately, don’t look to Tumblr for the answers, look to the Bible, look to God. I love you and I'm praying for you.

I thank my God every time I remember you.
- Philippians 1:3
May all the glory go to God.

-your sister through Christ

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I love God and want to obey his will for my life, but i'm around people right now who don't feel as strong as I do about Christ. They believe in God, but they haven't been taught like I have. I worry about how they will judge me since i'm really trying to commit to Christ right now. Their sexually active and i know thats wrong. How do I prepare for how they might react? And how do I help them and explain my walk with Christ?
heckyeahjesussaves heckyeahjesussaves Said:

It’s really wonderful that you follow God and have a strong passion for loving Him! Because we love Him, we know that it doesn’t matter what others think about us, just what God thinks. But of course, in reality, it’s easier said then done. 

Our closest friends should be people that help us grow in our walk with Christ and people that encourage us, lifting us up. Having non-christian is important too, but who we hang out with most, are who we become like. We may not feel like it is that way, but the temptation is greater because our mentality says, “oh, all my friends are doing it.” We say that we can be strong but time shows that the more that we hang out with negative people, the more natural it will seem to us. By no means am I saying to abandon your friends, but I’m saying to love them despite their sin. And to pray for them to Jesus, that their hearts may be fully transformed. Limit the time that you spend with them and find Christ believing friends that will help you grow in your walk with the Lord.

Telling someone about God can be difficult. Sometimes it’s even more difficult if they call themselves Christians but actually they doesn’t know what it means. My advice is to pray about it. God will reveal to the words that you need to say and you don’t have to be afraid. 

Isaiah 48:17 tells us, “This is what the Lord says-your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”

So don’t be scared of everything that you have to say, or trying to make the perfect sentences so that nobody gets offended. Focus on loving God and talking to Him. Holy Spirit will let you know when you should speak up or stand up for God.

You can help them right now by being like Jesus no matter how different you may seem, or how left out it can get. Trust me, I know that being the Jesus follower in a group friends may not be considered cool, and at times I felt left out from others because I didn’t like to do certain things that were bad or inappropriate. It can be intimidating praying before eating lunch in the school cafeteria while nobody else does it. But God is working in your life and we have to let go of depending on ourselves, but rather depend on the Lord. Because of God, even when we feel alone, we are never alone.

Help your friends by being there for them when they need someone to talk to. This can certainly be a challenge because it is so easy to talk, talk, talk. But nobody really seems to listen in this “me first” society, or “My opinion is better than yours” society. So there for your friends and give them advice and offer to pray for them. If they reject you, kindly say, “okay” but still keep them in your prayers.

If you feel like the Lord is calling you to share the Gospel with your friends, then I would share with one person at a time, not all of them at the same time. I think it becomes more personal and that way nobody is left feeling obligated to accept Jesus because someone else or doesn’t want to accept Jesus because someone else didn’t. Pray for one specific friend and ask God to soften their heart. Ask God to prepare a good situation to share the Good News with your friend. There are certainly many different ways of sharing God’s Word with people, but it depends on what you are comfortable with too. You can let them know your testimony, or share a poem with them that you wrote about Jesus, or tell them about a prayer request that God has answered in your life. Or maybe even a situation that God has helped you through. Never pressure it on anyone. God has the perfect timing and the situation can even be used for helping you to grow in faith with God.

Rejection is what makes a lot of us afraid. I know that it makes me afraid sometimes still. But we need to know that Jesus was rejected by the world. So even if we are rejected, we are just rejected by a few friends or one friend, not the whole wide world. We need to learn to love despite how much we may be rejected. If we know that Jesus suffered for us more than we will ever have to suffer because of anyone else around us, then we can stand for God’s Word with pride. But we should boast in ourselves, or anything, except in Jesus Christ our Lord.

I will keep you and your friends in my prayers. I love you and may the light of Jesus shine through you wherever you may go! I pray the Lord will guide you and protect you.

-your sister through Christ, yijia <3 

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